Why We Are All Writing Letters Once More

Why We Are All Writing Letters Once More

Despite all of the millions of us using social media methods of communication, emails and the telephone, most surveys suggest that writing letters is becoming popular again. That is a good reason you should keep a good stock of envelopes, writing paper, stamps and a good pen available at all times. You never know when the need to write a letter may arise.

Pen Pals Are Made for Letters

Although it may be easier to keep in touch with people thousands of miles away on a different continent, there is nothing better than writing a letter to a pen pal. Pen pals don’t just exist for young people or teenagers as a great relationship can build up throughout adulthood. The thrill of receiving envelopes through the post is only bettered by settling down in a comfy chair, ripping open the letter and enjoying the contents.

Some People Don’t Have Email Addresses

For young children especially, there are some major characters that you cannot simply email or look up on their social media status. Should you wish to send a message to Santa Claus or the tooth fairy, it would be best if you write them a letter, detailing in the friendliest of manner, your innermost thoughts related to the subject.

Letters addressed to Santa Claus, the North Pole or Lapland, are regularly received during the later stages of each year and the majority will receive a reply.

You Can’t Hack a Letter

You might be able to intercept a letter between delivery and receipt, but devious hackers who can usually break into social media and email, cannot find an easy way to open and read a letter that you send to another individual. While James Bond may employ the most rigorous encryption processes, using the Internet and your favorite cloud is not the easiest way to send precious data when you are trading spy information with your informant.

Schoolchildren will still be pleased to pass a handwritten letter across a classroom because it is still difficult for a teacher to intercept and embarrass both parties.

The Elegance of Wonderful Writing Paper

Choosing the best writing paper and matching envelopes is just as important in the letter writing process as the words involved, because they show how much you care and impart a message you wish to share. A letter sent to a favorite auntie almost certainly uses different writing paper for sending a letter on to a pen pal. It’s all about the message you wish to impart.

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