A Slip and a Fall: Why a Case Needs to Be Extra Strong with Injury Attorneys in Tucson?

A Slip and a Fall: Why a Case Needs to Be Extra Strong with Injury Attorneys in Tucson?

There is a huge national spotlight on injury cases due to the overwhelming levels of exploitation. The frivolous nature of slip and fall incidents may be exaggerated, but a few high-profile cases have caused many to have a stigma against them. The case needs to be particularly strong to go forward due to this social perception.

Injury attorneys in Tucson explore the dynamics of slip and fall injury cases. Is there merit? Is there a specific person at fault or is it a general negligence? These matters will determine how strong a case is, particularly against a social stigma that discourages frivolity.

The Property Owner and a Look at Negligence

Who is actually at fault? This ends up being the crux of any slip and fall case with injury attorneys in Tucson. Let’s say, for example, that an employee in a business is at fault. Can a case be taken against the employee? Sure, and it depends on the circumstances (i.e. was it intentional?). Yet, this case will be difficult to pursue due, again, to the social aspects of slip and falls. It also matters that the employee was on the clock and working under the direct supervision of their employer. If this is the case, it may be very difficult to pursue action against an employee. In some situations, it isn’t possible.

So, the law team will have to take things to the employer or the property owner. They hold real responsibility. Not only is the case presented to the property owner (ideally), but they probably need some negligence involved.

Wrong Time, Wrong Place

Is there a case if, in fact, the situation can be summed up as follows: wrong time, wrong place. The easy answer is no, not really. That can ruffle a few people, but there needs to be legitimate negligence and fault involved in a slip and fall.

Ultimately, a consultation is required. Visit PriceAndPriceLaw.com for further details about the outcomes of slip and fall cases, and whether there is a case to be made. An analysis of what happened and where will help pinpoint the fault, if there is any at all.

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