Why Should You Consider a Modern Metal Ceiling in Westchester, NY

Why Should You Consider a Modern Metal Ceiling in Westchester, NY

There are plenty of options for commercial ceiling materials. Of the most popular are foam board drop ceiling tiles, and while there are plenty of reason’s why this type of ceiling material has become so popular, there are also many reasons that alternative materials, mainly metal, make for an excellent ceiling. While a Metal Ceiling in Westchester NY may seem like a novelty, the reality is there are many decorative and practical benefits to this material.

High Fire Ratings

One of the biggest issues that can face the interior of any building is fire. Fortunately, advances in building materials can help keep a fire at bay. That’s not to say that it will suppress a fire forever, but it can suppress the fire long enough for a fire suppression system to kick in or for people to safely evacuate a building that is on fire. As for ceilings, drywall or foam fiber panels are somewhat susceptible to fire. However, metal ceilings are extremely fire resistant, far more than other ceiling materials.

Energy Efficiency

A Metal Ceiling in Westchester NY also allows for more energy efficiency. While it may not seem like a bare metal ceiling could possibly offer more insulation than drywall or foam board, what people don’t know is that most metal ceiling materials are also layered with fleece or mineral wool. This not only helps absorb sound, but it offers tremendous insulation properties to help keep air and heating bills low as well.

A Dramatic Look

There is simply no denying that the look of a metal ceiling can be quite different than other types ceiling materials. If a business owner is looking for a novelty approach to the ceilings in their retail, showroom or dining area, a metal ceiling will likely be a surface that offers a significant impact on the decor of a particular space.

Even though there are much more benefits to a metal ceiling, these benefits show that metal ceiling materials offer decorative and practical benefits and may very well be a consideration for a new or renovated commercial space. To learn more about us and the benefits these alternative ceiling materials offer, you may want to check out metal ceilings today.

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