How to Approach Your Divorce

How to Approach Your Divorce

Divorce has become an unfortunately common part of life, dissolving over 50 percent of today’s marriages. Worse yet, the divorce settlement itself seems to cause more tension and upset among formerly married couples than the problems that led to their divorce in the first place. What can you do when your ex-partner wants more than you’re willing to give, or you feel like you aren’t being compensated what you’re truly owed? Can any divorce really go smoothly? Here’s some advice from the best divorce attorneys in Carpentersville, to you.

Starting From the Beginning

It turns out the best way to a seamless divorce is to get things right from the start. Both parties in the divorce should meet with their divorce attorneys in order to sketch out an agreeable version of the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and Marital Settlement Agreement. The former simply states the facts regarding the marriage—the life you built together and the reason for divorce. The latter deals with the aftermath of the divorce and how assets, custody and similar matters should be allocated. As you have likely already realized, the settlement agreement should receive the most of your initial effort and consideration.

What Type of Divorce?

There are two types of divorce recognized across the country: uncontested and contested. An uncontested divorce is the best case scenario. This type of divorce indicates both parties are fine with the divorce arrangements and the settlement can proceed without a hitch.

A contested divorce means that one party does not agree with the divorce arrangements and can easily add up quite a bit of time and money.

If you suspect your impending divorce may be contested, you will especially need the help of divorce attorneys in Carpentersville. However, regardless of the nature of your divorce, professional advice will always be key to settling things as easily as possible.

It’s easy to find divorce attorneys in Carpentersville. Simply get in touch with Casement Group, P.C. by calling 224-520-9544 or visiting their website.

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