Why Rubber Stamps Are Still on the List for Office Supplies in Oahu

Why Rubber Stamps Are Still on the List for Office Supplies in Oahu

Since the advent of desktop computers, laptops, and similar devices, many tasks that were once done using paper are now managed electronically. Some of the Office Supplies in Oahu that were once considered essential are no longer needed. One traditional item that can still be put to good use is the rubber stamp. Here are some of the ways this simple resource can be helpful in a number of situations.

Marking Proprietary Documents

Even in a world where so much information is store electronically, there’s still the need to keep some documents in hard copy form. One way to keep things organized and ensure those documents are filed properly is to use rubber stamps to mark them in some manner. For example, a self-inking date stamp is perfect for marking the envelope and a signed contract when they are received through the mail. The postmark confirms when the client placed the document in the mail, and the stamped date confirms when it was received.

Invitation Only Events

When an event requires a ticket or is by invitation only, there has to be some easy way to ensure only authorized personnel are in attendance. That would be easier if everyone came in and stayed, but there are times when guests need to leave and return later. Instead of expecting them to keep up with the invitation or ticket, using a rubber stamp to mark a hand is a great solution. Upon returning, all it takes is a quick flash of the hand to verify the stamp design and they can return to the event.

Holiday Greetings

Ordering special envelopes to send out invoices during the holiday season is not really in the budget. One thing that can be done is invest in a holiday stamp that can be used from one year to the next. Even if the invoices are inserted into the envelopes using some type of automation, it won’t take long to stamp the lower left area of each envelope with a friendly holiday greeting. That extra touch is something most clients will enjoy during the season.

Consider adding one or two rubber stamps to the list of essential Office Supplies in Oahu. The Rubber Stamp One Day Service Inc can provide help with the design, features, and other elements for each stamp.

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