What Office Furniture Style Is Right for You?


For many, the chance to decorate an office space is fun and exciting. For others, the opportunity is more nerve wracking than anything else. There’s no denying that choosing an office furniture set is an important decision. The aesthetic of your furniture will serve as a reflection of your company’s personality and culture; it’s worth it to choose well in order to present your company in the most suitable way. There are so many different styles for office furniture, however, that the choice may be overwhelming. If you’re in the midst of shopping for an office furniture set in Charleston, SC, here are some of the most popular styles to consider.


Also known as “rustic” furniture, this style presents the perfect aesthetic for companies interested in presenting a modest, down-home image. A countryside office furniture set will be predominantly made of wood, often with finishing to make it look well-used and a bit antiquated. This style typically lacks bright colors, instead focusing on earth tones.


Classical office furniture looks close to what you may typically find in the office of a long-running, seasoned professional. Think of lots of polished, dark wood gracing a neutral-hued room. Classical office furniture sets tend to be a bit more colorful than countryside furniture, with its woods tinted in elegant colors. Furniture under this style tends to be of high quality, and will often feature small, intricate embellishments such as carving and embossing.


Eclectic office furniture sets tend to be less “organized” than the aforementioned styles, focusing less on form and more on other aspects of style, such as color. You can pull such a furniture set from a wide range of sources, guided specifically by your own tastes. This style is best suited to modern professionals interested in maintaining a unique and/or casual environment for their team members and clients. Many enjoy this style for its flexibility.

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