Why Do You Need a Child Physician in El Cajon?


There are a few things you need to know about why you need a child physician in El Cajon that will immediately clarify why you need a physician that specializes in children. There are some facts about children that can help you to understand the urgency when it comes to finding the right physician for your child.

The Facts

There are some facts about child illnesses that you should consider:

  • Children get sick more than adults do
  • There are very serious illnesses that are only associated with childhood
  • Children’s bodies are not simply scaled down adult bodies

Children get sick more than adults do because their immune system is not quite as strong as adults. Of course they are also exposed to bacteria and viruses that adults are not exposed to because adults no better than to put things in their mouth that they find on the floor and adults typically know to wash their hands.

There are “childhood” illnesses that a physician that does not specialize in children may not know to look for. For example, an adult that contracts whooping cough can easily pass it through their system without much notice but for a child it can be deadly and it requires special treatments.

Children’s bodies are not scaled down adult’s bodies. There are some very clear differences not only in how their body reacts but because their bodies are developing and special care has to be taken with treatment options.

The Proper Physician

The right physician is focused on treating children and understanding their special needs. Your child deserves the best possible health care you can find for them.  The Children’s Physicians Medical Group specializes in treating children only so you know that your child will get the focused care that they deserve.

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