Litigation In Personal Injury Cases

Litigation In Personal Injury Cases

Civil litigation lawyers in Chicago are hired by individuals that are mired in a dispute. There are numerous examples of civil litigation; they include breach of contract, custody issues as well as personal injury legal actions. Litigation is really another way of expressing the term “lawsuit,” those involved in the action are the litigants.

Litigants in a civil case are represented by civil litigation lawyers in Chicago. There is nothing written that demands a litigant to have representation, but in the greatest majority of civil cases legal expertise is extremely important. Civil cases are all related to a monetary award, civil cases do not result in a prison term for the litigant found guilty.

Personal injury cases:

If you are injured and you have reason to believe that the injury was the result of negligence on the part of another individual or entity, you have every right to sue for damages. In many cases these disputes are settled out of court but if a fair resolution cannot be arrived at; then the parties will head to court.

Being represented by civil litigation lawyers in Chicago can send a very powerful message to the defense. In many cases, an insurance company becomes very keen to settle once they know they are facing a suit in court.

Do you have a winnable case?

As civil litigation lawyers usually take a case based on contingency it is extremely important that you have sufficient credible evidence to win at trial. What you think or what your opinion is doesn’t count for much in court, there is a need for rock solid evidence and your proof must be stronger and more convincing than that which will be brought forward by the defense. As the lawyer will work on contingency evidence and witnesses are of paramount importance.

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident or perhaps you slipped and fell in a public place or you were injured by a faulty product, you have every right to expect compensation. If you are looking for seasoned civil litigation lawyers in Chicago you are invited to discuss your case with the Zimmerman Law Offices.

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