Why Buy Organic Avocados Rather Than Cheaper Commercially Grown Ones?


As public knowledge and understanding about foods, pesticides and the food industry have increased in recent years, so has the demand for organically grown produce and other foods. The rampant use of chemicals during produce cultivation is cause for concern, especially as many of the pesticides used are known carcinogens or cause other harmful effects on humans. For those questioning, “Why to Buy Organic Avocados?” consider the range of benefits that they provide:

Avoiding Harmful Chemicals. The commercial food industry uses a multitude of harmful pesticides and other chemicals in the process of growing fruits and vegetables. Some of this pesticides are known to cause cancer in humans, while others can cause breathing issues, nerve damage and more. In most cases, the produce is not tested for harmful chemicals before a sale, and the chemicals are not well-regulated by the FDA. To be considered organic, produce must be grown without the use of these harmful toxins. This means organic avocados and other produce is far safer than commercially grown options.

More Nutritious and Better-Tasting Avocados. When fruits and vegetables are grown organically, they retain higher levels of nutrients than they would otherwise. This means that consumers get to enjoy more benefit from their avocados from Avoganic, as well as much better flavor overall. With rich soil in which to grow, organic produce is far more healthful and enjoyable.

Helping to Save the Environment. Studies have found that farms that only use organic methods help to improve the surrounding environment. These farms conserve energy in comparison to commercial farms, and they improve diversity within the ecosystem. They also serve to reduce water contamination and make the surrounding soil more rich and fertile.

Why Buy Organic Avocados when cheaper, commercially grown ones are available? By choosing to eat organic avocados and other produce, it is possible to help improve the planet while avoiding dangerous contaminants. Organic farms give back to the environment by enriching surrounding soil and water. In addition, organic foods simply taste better and have more helpful nutrients. By avoiding the use of chemicals, organic farms help keep produce safe and delicious for consumers.

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