Strategies For A Gift Wrap Fundraiser

Strategies For A Gift Wrap Fundraiser

There are many different options in fundraisers, but gift wrap is still a traditional favorite. Everyone needs gift wrap, particularly around the holiday season. This is also a great opportunity to add all occasion gift wrap and gift wrap accessories such as storage boxes and ribbons.

To help with a gift wrap fundraiser for any group, school, team or organization, there are a few essential factors to keep in mind. By knowing in advance which fundraising company you are going to work with and structuring your sale it is possible to meet and exceed your sales goals.

Use Prizes

Prizes are an ideal way to motivate the sales team. This is true if you are selling online or in person. Many of the top fundraising companies have already developed prize packages and structures so you can just follow along without having to do it on your own.

These free prize programs are not just motivational for sales, but they also tend to boost overall enthusiasm for the program by parents as well as the kids.

Have Samples

If you are using a new company for your gift wrap fundraiser, it is a good idea to have samples and set up a display. For a school this is easier than for a team, but if you have great quality products it will boost sales when people see what they will get when they place an order.

Use Both Catalogs and Online Sales

Using online sales along with the more traditional catalogs and flyers or brochures will help you to hit a much bigger audience. You can also link to the gift wrap fundraiser through social media, which is a perfect way to let friends and relatives know about the event even if they aren’t in your community.

Online sales are also very easy on the sales team. The customer just enters your fundraiser number in to have the sale credited to your program.

Keep it Short

The longer a fundraiser runs, the lower the average intake per week will be. It also makes entering orders and organization much more difficult if it is a lengthy sale. On the other hand, you want to have enough time for people to get out and sell.

The biggest sales volume will be in the first 2-4 days of the sale. It is a good idea to include at least one weekend in the sale period. Many schools will hand out the packages to kids on Wednesday and end the sale either the next Friday or the Monday after the second weekend.

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