Why An Oak Lawn Social Security Disability Lawyer Is Critical After A Denial

Why An Oak Lawn Social Security Disability Lawyer Is Critical After A Denial

It is not uncommon for a request for social security disability benefits is denied, even when the applicant clearly has health issues that will impact his or her life and ability to work in the future.

Unfortunately, for many people in Oak Lawn not represented by an attorney, the denial of benefits may seem like a door has been slammed shut on their future. Anyone, including those not represented by a social security disability lawyer, still have steps to take after a denial, including the ability to request a disability hearing.

The Process

For those represented by a social security disability lawyer, the paperwork and the forms will be completed by the attorney. As there are multiple forms and very specific requirements as to how to file for an appeal in front of an administrative law judge,  having an attorney is highly recommended.

Failing to complete the necessary forms, which includes the request for the hearing (Form HA-501), there are an additional six forms that will need to be completed and submitted with the supporting paperwork. These include disclosure forms, medical records, information about your work background as well as if you are represented by an attorney or are representing yourself as a non-lawyer.

The Challenges of Self-Representation

Keep in mind, even without a social security disability lawyer you will be expected to file all the necessary forms and documents as requested. The Social Security Disability offices, as well as the Administrative Law Judges (ALJ), cannot provide legal advice or provide additional support if you are representing yourself.

Anyone in Oak Lawn receiving a denial of benefits through SSD should contact a specialized SSD attorney. These professionals can complete paperwork, ensure documents are complete and submitted on time as well as provide full legal representation when you go before the ALJ.

As an experienced social security disability lawyer, the attorney at Harold W. Conicks & Associates, Ltd, will provide clients with full legal representation through the disability hearing process. To find out more see us at www.conicklaw.com.

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