Cleaning And Patching Asphalt And Additional Paving Services


If asphalt pavement is stained and there are a couple wide cracks running through its surface, cleaning the pavement and patching it will restore its appearance. The following project describes how to use cleaning agents and tools before filling cracks with the patch. Afterward, a sealant can be spread across the pavement to form a protective barrier that will minimize damage in the future. Paving Services can also be acquired by contacting a company that specializes in asphalt.

Supplies Needed

* degreaser

* detergent

* oxygenated bleach

* large bucket

* water hose

* nozzle

* wire brush

* wide deck brush

* pavement patch

* small trowel

* metal float

* waterproof tarps

* sealer

* squeegee

Cleaning Asphalt

If oily stains are on pavement, a product that is formulated to dissolve grease should be sprayed on them before scrubbing the paved surface with a wire brush. A standard cleaning solution can be prepared to remove surface dirt from the pavement. A cup of detergent and oxygenated bleach should be added to a bucket that is filled with water. After mixing the contents in a bucket, a wide deck brush can be used to spread a cleaning solution across the pavement. A hose that has a nozzle secured to it should be used to spray clean pavement. Pavement needs to dry before cracks are filled.

Repairing Pavement And Applying Sealer

A small trowel can be used to fill cracks with cold patch. The back of a trowel should be pressed against repaired parts of asphalt. This will compact patch that was added to cracks. A metal float should be moved across the surface of repaired asphalt. A float will smooth out the patch. Patch may require a couple days to dry. During this time, temporary fencing or a sign can be placed next to a paved surface to prevent anyone from walking on it.

Waterproof tarps should be used to cover property that surrounds a paved surface. Tarps will prevent spilled sealer from staining grass or plants. A small amount of sealer should be poured across one corner of pavement. A squeegee can be used to spread sealer across the pavement. More sealer should be poured onto asphalt as needed. The sealer will dry after a day or two. While waiting, tarps should remain on the ground.

Teague’s Asphalt or other Paving Services should be contacted if an individual requires assistance with cleaning or repairing asphalt. A paving company can also be hired to install new pavement on a residential or commercial piece of property. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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