Who Should Use High Definition Makeup?


A lot of things today seem to be advertised as being in “high definition.” This includes our televisions, our computer monitors and even the cameras on our phones. The reality is that high definition is much more like actually seeing the person and it offers up to five times more resolution as you would see on standard televisions, monitors or devices.

While high definition makeup was originally designed to help actors and actresses look great under those conditions of high-resolution display, it is also a good option for many people not in front of the camera on a daily basis.

The problem with traditional makeup for both stars and those not on TV or the big screen is that it tends to require a heavier coat to provide complete coverage. This, in turn, becomes obvious at the edges of the face, the hairline and the jaw line. It became a problem particularly when in front of the camera as all the lines formed by the heavy makeup were evident with HD technology in place.

Thin Layer, Top Coverage

The answer to this problem for celebrities and everyone else was the development of high definition makeup. This allowed a very thin layer of sheer yet concealing makeup to hide skin irregularities by actually blurring out or softening the focus on the problem areas.

This thin layer allowed the skin to show through, eliminating the waxy, caked or artificial look of heavy foundations and concealers. This is done through the use of multiple pigments in the formula that actually scatter the light and create an even surface color.

Many of these types of makeup also include mattifying compounds which help to reduce the shine from oil on the skin. Makeups without this element can create a slick look to the skin and almost a glare that accentuates any skin irregularities. By having the oil absorbed by the makeup, this is avoided even with all day wear.

Important Factors

It is important to carefully prepare your face for high definition makeup. Wash thoroughly and pat dry with a towel. A primer or gel formula can be used to prepare the skin for the makeup, and this is often used by women or men who frequently have to wear makeup as it also helps to hydrate and protect the skin.

As with all makeup, choose a natural color that is very close to your skin tone. Be sure to blend the makeup along the sides of the face and down jaw and neck, preventing those telltale lines that are all too obvious without careful attention to detail.

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