When to Call Your Local HVAC Repairman

When to Call Your Local HVAC Repairman

Do you think it may be time to call your AC repair professional? Check these points before you dial, and save yourself money, time and hassle!

Know What to Check First

To save you time, it is important to know what you can – and can’t – fix on your own when it comes to AC repair. Here are a few things that Angie’s List recommends checking before dialing the local air conditioning repairman:

Is the electric working? Check the power supply to both your thermostat and your HVAC units.

What about the gas? If heat is your issue, faulty gas might be to blame.

Is the air filter in proper condition?

Is your thermostat working correctly? Change batteries if necessary.

Is your unit turned on? In certain areas of the United States, building and safety codes require the presence of an on/off switch on your air conditioning and heating system in the interior of your home. Make sure this switch hasn’t been turned off by accident.

Know Who to Call

It’s important to contact a local AC repair specialist when looking for HVAC services. Repair contractors nearby will understand the unique challenges that your area’s climate presents, as well as what kind of services your home’s structure style requires.

Rockford Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. of Rockford, IL is an air conditioning and heating contractor that provides nearby Illinois residents with AC repair service, furnace maintenance, and commercial HVAC installation.

Know When to Leave it to the Professionals

Ultimately, any time you feel uncomfortable performing repairs or aren’t sure how to approach a problem, you should pick up the phone and contact your local AC repair provider. Your furnace and air conditioning system are an investment, and leaving their fate to can be like throwing that investment away. Call in the pros and get your system fixed properly, and don’t spend another summer day sweating the details!

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