When It’s Time For Tree Removal in Queens County NY


Trees reside in a special place in the hearts of many people. They are a vital part of their childhood or home landscape. To remove a tree is a big and often emotional decision, especially if a tree has been in the family for generations. Here are tips about how to know it’s time to call a Tree Removal in Queens County, NY for your problematic tree.

Dead Limbs and Branches All On One Side

Take a good hard look at your tree. Do you see dead limbs and branches? If they are all on one side of the tree, this means that the tree is not distributing weight evenly. Dead wood is much lighter than live wood. The tree is in danger of toppling over. It should be removed before this happens.

How Bad Is Trunk Damage?

Check the tree’s trunk for hollow spots, vertical cracks and rot. If mushrooms are growing from the trunk, then part of the trunk is dead or rotten. If a tree’s trunk is only one-quarter damaged or less, there’s hope that it can be saved. A tree with half or more of its trunk damaged should be taken down before it falls over.

Suddenly Leaning Tree

Some trees lean naturally as they age, but if a tree suddenly leans more than 15 degrees from its usual position, something drastic has happened to the tree. Get it checked out by a tree surgeon as soon as you can. If the tree is leaning on the side with dead branches or where trunk damage is visible, then call for tree removal in Queens County, NY before it crashes down and causes damage.

How Close Is It To Your Home?

Think about how tall the tree is and what damage it can do if and when it falls. If your home, outbuildings or your neighbor’s home or car is in the tree’s path, it should be removed. If it’s far away from all structures then it can stay up for the time being.

In Conclusion

There are definite ways to know when a tree cannot be saved and it’s time to cut down a tree on your property. Contact Arnoldos Tree Service if you still have questions over whether your tree can be saved or if is should be removed.

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