Preparing For A Firewood Delivery in Anaheim


When someone decides to call a service to make a Firewood Delivery in Anaheim, taking preparations before the load arrives is necessary. Failing to be ready for a large amount of firewood leads to possible damage to the pieces or to the property where it is positioned. Here are some steps to take after making a call to a delivery service.

Find A Dry Area For Storage

It is best to place firewood in a location where it will not be subjected to harsh weather conditions. This helps to keep the wood dry so it is usable without having to let it sit for an extended amount of time beforehand. Most people will purchase a tarp to place over a wood pile so moisture does not become excessive upon logs. Alternately, placing wood in a shed or garage is an option.

Raise The Pieces Off Of The Ground

If logs are placed directly on the ground, they will become moist from the soil content underneath them. In addition, wood is more prone to become infested with pests. Raising pieces a bit off the ground helps to avoid these problems. Use metal or wooden beams to give logs stability. Center the logs over the beams so they remain stable after they are positioned.

Create A Spot For Usable Wood

Keeping a few logs near the home so they can be used right away is a convenience. Locate a spot outside of the home where protection from wind, precipitation, and pests is present. A porch or deck area works well for this purpose. This way pests will not harbor themselves inside of wood logs, leading to a possible infestation inside of the structure. Be sure to tap each piece of wood against a hard surface to dislodge hidden insects or rodents before bringing it inside.

When there is a desire to obtain a Firewood Delivery in Anaheim, finding a business that provides this service at a competitive price is a must. Give a call to Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc to find out more about the services they have available or to set up an appointment for a delivery. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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