When Is Confined Space Rescue Necessary?


Have you ever been caught in a confined space and felt fear or anxiety? Many emergencies occur in a small space, leaving individuals trapped and fearful. Confined space rescue can provide trapped victims with the help necessary to escape these small areas with as much ease as possible. It may not always be easy to get people out of a confined space, but emergency personnel can act upon this in the most efficient methods.

Confined Spaces Often Seen

Confined spaces often have warning labels, but these spaces also typically serve as areas of work for many people. If you are someone that has to examine sewers, access vaults or storage areas, or travel through underground passages, you may be at risk of becoming trapped in a confined space. Some of the confined spaces where people are most commonly found are the following:

  • Sewers
  • Underground passages
  • Vaults
  • Silos used for storage
  • Underground tanks

What Is a Confined Space?

A confined space can be an area that is narrow or underground. They often constrict movement, hence making it extremely difficult to escape. These spaces are also often dark or poorly lit which presents issues for people trying to rescue those caught in a confined space. Rescuers must use their own light sources.


There can be gases or other harmful substances within a confined space, so it is important to get out as soon as possible. Usually only a small area exists for these gases to pass through, preventing clean air from getting to the victim. These small openings can cause rescuers problems when trying to access the confined space. This can create a pressing need to get the victim out as soon as possible, creating quick and often unsuccessful rescue attempts. Therefore, it is important for rescuers to focus when retrieving an individual.

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