When a Loved One Is Lost Unexpectedly, Contact a Wrongful Death lawyer in Boston, MA

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Attorneys

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A loved one can be lost through the negligence or reasonable care of another individual. They could also be deceased due to a reckless act or breach of warranty. Wrongful death claims cannot be filed when an employee passes away during their course of employment. If someone was killed on or near a railroad, a wrongful death case cannot be filed. A streetcar accident that resulted in the death of an individual on or near the tracks will not be covered under a wrongful death lawsuit. There could be other claims available to file in regards to the accident, it just can’t be a wrongful death claim.

When someone has passed away unexpectedly, a visit to a wrongful death lawyer in Boston, MA is the first step in determining if there is a claim. Only the executor or administrator of an estate is able to file a lawsuit on behalf of the deceased individual. A wrongful death lawsuit is a civil lawsuit. In a civil lawsuit liability is paid for in money. In a criminal liability case, jail time, fines and probation is the liability incurred by the guilty individual. There are various damages that a wrongful death lawsuit may be able to obtain.

When an individual supports various individuals, a wrongful death lawsuit may be able to collect the value of the income the deceased individual could have earned during their lifetime. Funeral and burial expenses are very expensive. A lawsuit could compensate an estate for these expenses. The companionship, care, counsel, comfort and guidance the deceased individual could have offered will also be considered as a financial settlement in a lawsuit. Proper collection of the information and presentation in legal documents can only be achieved with the help of a wrongful death lawyer in Boston, MA.

Although the lawyer is unable to bring a loved one back, they can help the surviving family to not be further victimized through financial problems. Additional compensation could be awarded if the act was found to be malicious, willful or grossly negligent. A family does not have to spend additional money on a lawyer. A FREE phone consultation is available with a reputable wrongful death lawyer.

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