What You Should Know About Breast Reductions


If you are considering a breast reduction, you should know that unless a doctor says it is medically necessary to have this procedure, your insurance might not cover it. There are many reasons that a woman will choose to have a breast reduction in Chicago. Here are the top things you should know about breast reduction surgeries.

Why Women Have Their Breasts Reduced

Some women choose to have their breasts reduced because of the pain that larger breasts can cause. Larger breasts can put stress on your back and spine. Large breasts can also make your clothes look baggy. Other reasons women have breast reductions include: participate in physical activities easier, make your body look more proportioned, and posture issues.

Sometimes, large breasts can hinder women’s ability to perform in sports and other physical activities. If you are a smaller sized woman with larger breasts, you can make your body look more proportioned with a reduction. A breast reduction can also help to correct posture issues that can occur from having larger breasts.

How the Procedure is Done

You can either have this procedure done in a hospital or a medical center. A surgeon will use anesthesia and there is typically no need for an overnight stay. A breast reduction usually only takes five hours at the most. Your surgeon will remove skin and tissue from the breast to reduce the size and reshape it. Your surgeon can also make your areola smaller to match your new breast size. They will cut into your breasts to remove the tissue, and stitch your breast when they are finished. In some cases, a surgeon may need to remove the nipple and areola to reposition them correctly. Sometimes, if there is excess skin still on the breast, the surgeon may have to perform liposuction as well.

Overall, a breast reduction can help many women. This procedure is very safe and has a short recovery time.

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