Reasons To Work With A Boulder Personal Life Coach


For teens and young adults, having a trusted resource to turn to for support, direction and consultation is a very important option. Many young adults and teens in Boulder struggle with organization, social skills, addiction recovery or in handling stress, anxiety and the pressures of coping with the world around them.

While therapy or counseling may be highly effective for some individuals, there is another option to consider. A personal life coach offers a more interactive and client-driven approach to making changes based on individual goals and desires.

There is a difference between a personal life coach and a therapist. Coaches, while often therapists by training and profession, are in a different role as a coach. They are more like a mentor, providing practical support to the teen, young adult or adult to support the changes identified by the client.

The Accountability Factor

Having someone who is not judgmental, but has your best interests as their primary focus is a great source of accountability. This is very different that accountability to a parent or a partner, with the coach helping the client to set their own achievable goals and determining how accountability will be included in the growth plan.

Big Picture Conversations

Often people dealing with stressful situations in life tend to narrow their focus to just the issues that are creating the problems and challenges. This narrow focus results in limiting options for solutions and change rather than providing the opportunity for creative solutions.

Talking to a personal life coach in Boulder changes that narrow focus to a bigger picture view. It can help put issues into perspective that can change an issue from an insurmountable obstacle to a manageable and “fixable” issue.

A life coach is a valuable resource to help the individual to achieve their own goals. It is a great experience and one that allows for measurable positive changes that can last a lifetime.

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