What You Need to Know About Podiatry in Sayville NY

by | Jun 26, 2014 | Health & Medical

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A podiatrist is a medical practitioner who has specialized in disorders of the foot. To qualify to become a podiatrist, one must complete a four-year medical course at a podiatric medicine college after a four-year basic medical course. Below are some of the foot problems that are treated by specialists in Podiatry in Saville NY.


Cones and bunions


These two are foot deformities that can sometimes be very painful. Bunions normally affect the big toe. It appears as some kind of lump on the largest joint of the big toe and the toe starts pointing inwards. Normally, the problem is genetic; however, poor footwear can make the problem worse. The podiatrist will monitor the shoes you are wearing and recommend those that have better support for the feet. Also, they might advise you to try surgery if the change of shoes is not helping to improve the condition. Cones are hard patches of thick dead skin that form on top of the toes, especially near the joints. They are normally painless, but they are very ugly. An expert in Podiatry in Sayville NY will administer a treatment that makes the cone fall off.




There are times when the middle joint of the foot contracts making the toes curl under. When the curled toes start rubbing against footwear, cones and calluses could result. The problem with ignoring hammertoes is that, with time, the toes may become inflexible. A practitioner of Podiatry in Saville NY corrects hammer toes by splinting to bring about realignment.


Achilles heel and tendinitis


Achilles heel is a very painful condition that is normally experienced by athletes. It is caused by an inflammation on the Achilles tendon. This is the tendon that connects the heel to the muscles of the calf. A podiatrist will recommend rest, various types of stretches and anti-inflammatory drugs to correct the problem.


These are a few of the problems that Podiatry in Saville NY treats. The other conditions that the experts treat include fasciitis, flatfoot and muscle pain resulting from sports injuries. For more information about foot problems and the possible treatment, go to http://sayvillefootcare.com.




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