What to Look For In An Industrial Beverage Carbonator

What to Look For In An Industrial Beverage Carbonator

Carbon dioxide is an inorganic compound with a variety of commercial and industrial applications. In the beverage industry, CO2 is the source of that “fizzy” sensation in multiple drinks. Colas, ginger ales, root beer and other carbonated drinks undergo a process in order to provide that specific “mouth feel” sensation. Companies employ an industrial beverage carbonator to ensure each type of soft drink receives the right amount of CO2.

Not all carbonators are equal. They are available in industrial, commercial and even residential sizes. People who produce their own carbonated drinks at home are looking for carbonation but do not require the same elements beverage processors do. Nevertheless, no matter who is in need of beverage carbonators, it is important to research the models looking at what key features are present. Only after considering all aspects, should a large processor or individual purchase the carbonator.

Key Features to Consider

When looking at the various models available on the market, an industrial processor needs to consider carefully, the following features before purchasing.

* Speed: Companies want to produce the product as quickly as possible. Compare inline carbonation to in tank versions. The faster the process, the sooner you can deliver the product

* Space: How much space can you devote to the installation of a beverage carbonator?

* Cost: How big is your budget?

* Cost-effective: Is the carbonator cost-effective. If it is initially expensive, does it save you money in terms of CO2, energy, labor, time, space and water usage?

* Efficient: Does the carbonator produce the product efficiently?

* Control: Can the operator easily control production at the diverse levels, e.g., CO2 levels, recipe storage, reliable delivery of specific amounts per lot?

Finding the Best Beverage Carbonator

Beverage manufacturers need to produce carbonated drinks with high accuracy. They need repeatability and quality. They also demand affordable quality. For replicating the perfect fizz time-after-time, processors must install a beverage carbonator capable of addressing their current and future needs.

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