What To Expect From Medical Abortion Services In Washington, DC


In DC, women have options for terminating an unwanted pregnancy. These opportunities allow them to manage a difficult choice according to what is right for them. Under these circumstances, women need compassion and understanding without judgment. Medical Abortion Services Washington DC can help them.

Non-Invasive Abortion Opportunities

Medical abortion services provide women with the opportunity to terminate their pregnancy partially in the privacy of their own home. Through this process, they are given medication in a clinical setting. Next, they receive the at-home treatments. They return to the clinic within five days for an evaluation.

This opportunity lets women undergo this process where they feel safest. This gives them time to process this change in their lives. It places them in a setting that is comfortable where they have the support they need.

Maintaining Privacy and Dignity

The clinics that provide abortion services give women the privacy they need. They allow women to terminate their pregnancies with dignity. The service providers offer counseling and information about all procedures. This also helps women learn more about these opportunities. It gives them the chance to make a private decision in a safe setting without fear.

Comprehensive Family Planning Services

In addition to abortion services, these clinics provide comprehensive family planning services. This gives women access to birth control and contraceptives. These opportunities help women take control over their human right to choose when to start a family.

Doctors at these clinics help women to review this options to determine what choice is right for them. They review the effectiveness of each choice. They also review the risks associated with their chosen contraceptives.

With these planning services women may also receive health screenings. These screenings test for cancer and STDs. They provide women with fast results that give them peace of mind.

Women in DC have access to safe medical abortions. These opportunities give them the opportunity to choose when they are ready to start a family. The clinics offer non-invasive and surgical procedures to terminate their pregnancies. Women who need Medical Abortion Services Washington DC should contact the Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic today to schedule an appointment.

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