A Holter Monitor is a Lifeline, But Can it Also Be a Tool For Anxiety?

A Holter Monitor is a Lifeline, But Can it Also Be a Tool For Anxiety?

A Holter monitor is an absolutely fantastic extension to 24-hour care. It reviews patterns of the heartbeat 24-7. The doctors can then review the heartbeat patterns over time, and align them with the various activities occurring at the time. The idea is to create a personalized response plan. It helps answer a plethora of questions related to heart health.

  • Is a transplant responding well?
  • Is there an underlying symptom being missed?
  • Is there a certain activity triggering a response?
  • Is there a certain time of the day the heartbeat turns irregular?
  • Are there emotional responses tied to the varying beat?

All this data is collected through the Holter monitor. To note, some specialists may call a Holter monitor by a different name. This includes a cardiac monitor, EKG monitor, or event monitor. They are most commonly used to treat arrhythmia- an irregular and sometimes sporadic heartbeat.

Though the device is used primarily as a monitoring and data collecting tool, there may be another benefit. Some patients have explained that the device has drastically reduced their anxiety. The North American Emergency Medical Center has had patients explain how comfortable they feel with the holter device. They know that someone is reading the data and devising a plan based on the results. There is a constant air of protection, however intangible, and that is allowing them to feel relaxed. Patients will also be asked to take notes on their behavior throughout the day. Doctors may specifically want to know when someone has exercised, eaten, had a bowel movement, or slept. This is a useful distraction with a clear goal and purpose. Patients are not just sitting and reflecting on their own heartbeat. They are actively keeping records to help facilitate progress.

Clearly, having heart issues can be overwhelmingly serious. It is that constant feeling of one’s heart is beating that can instill and accentuate that feeling of anxiety. A monitor is a powerful tool in building a response plan, and doctors take valuable notes on the information. But, it could also be invaluable in relieving unnecessary tensions. Consider the benefits of the option at the NAEMC.

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