What To Expect From Kybella Injections


Until fairly recently, liposuction was the only solution for getting rid of stubborn fat that is not responsive to diet and exercise. Fortunately, there is a variety of non-surgical body-contouring treatments nowadays that carry far fewer risks of side effects and complications. Kybella is one of those therapies, and it has been developed for use in patients who want to get rid of a double chin.

When Kybella, or deoxycholic acid, is injected into the skin under the chin, it destroys fat cells by breaking down the walls of the cells and liquefying the fat, which is then reabsorbed and metabolized by the body. Once the fat is removed, the skin will generally draw closer to the muscle, thus reshaping the profile. The contouring effect is more noticeable in patients whose skin is still relatively elastic.

Patients who are preparing for Kybella Injections will need to be examined by a healthcare professional to determine that the double chin is in fact caused by fat and not another problem, like swelling from an infection or a thyroid disorder. Once a patient is approved, he or she will be asked to stop taking aspirin, Motrin, and other blood thinners for two weeks before the treatment in order to minimize the risk of bruising. Other over-the-counter products like certain vitamins, St. John’s wort, and other supplements should also be avoided.

A Kybella treatment is an outpatient procedure that typically lasts about 30 minutes. During the treatment, the doctor or other healthcare professional will administer up 50 small injections, about one centimeter apart, to cover the entire area where fat is stored under the chin. Most patients report only minimal pain from the Kybella Injections; the needles are are extremely fine, and a topical anesthetic is usually administered before the injections to increase the patient’s comfort. After the treatment, most patients experience redness, swelling, or tenderness for the first few days or more; results vary among patients. Most report noticeable improvements after one month. The average patient requires two to three treatments, at one-month intervals, to get the full benefits of Kybella. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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