What Restaurateurs Need to Know About Wholesale Tortillas in Connecticut

What Restaurateurs Need to Know About Wholesale Tortillas in Connecticut

Running a Mexican restaurant in Connecticut can be difficult, but those operations that excel tend to attract a great deal of business. With so much demand for top-quality Mexican food in the state, trying to stand out in every possible way can easily pay off.

Many Mexican restaurants quite practically order their tortillas from suppliers who specialize in such things. When it makes more sense to do so instead of cooking up tortillas on the spot, it can still be a good idea to make sure of obtaining the best possible Wholesale Tortillas in Connecticut.

Two Basic Types of Tortillas, with Many Variations of Each

Tortillas as eaten throughout most of Mexico, are traditionally made from corn that has been transformed through a process known as nixtamalization. For thousands of years, in fact, people living in today’s Mexico have soaked corn kernels in lime or other basic substances in order to break down certain of their proteins and make them more digestible:

  • Fresh masa tortillas: When that processed type of corn is ground up directly thereafter, a fresh dough known as masa results. Fairly wet but relatively easy to handle and shape, masa can be flattened out into discs and then cooked on a hot, flat surface into tortillas.
  • Dried masa tortillas: Another popular option today is to make use of a dried form of masa, instead. This powdery, floury material will be reconstituted into dough through the addition of water, after which it can be shaped and cooked as usual.

The other basic type of tortilla is one made from wheat flour. Popular in the northern part of Mexico and throughout the American Southwest, wheat tortillas tend to be made with a fair amount of fat of some kind incorporated, with lard being most traditional.

The Right Source Can Make It Simple to Serve Deliciously Suitable Tortillas

Get more information about the matter and it will become clear that purveyors of Wholesale Tortillas in Connecticut today cover these basics and the almost innumerable variations upon them. Whatever its focus and requirements, any Mexican restaurant in the state should, therefore, be able to easily arrange for all the fresh, delicious tortillas it will need to impress its diners and succeed.

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