Air Conditioning Repair in Toledo, OH Helps Women Dealing With Unpleasant Menopausal Symptoms

Air Conditioning Repair in Toledo, OH Helps Women Dealing With Unpleasant Menopausal Symptoms

Many people benefit a great deal from central air conditioning because they have certain health conditions with symptoms get worse during excessive heat and humidity. Multiple sclerosis is an example. Others take medication that causes problems for the body’s natural temperature regulation, which can cause overheating when the weather is hot. air conditioning repair in Toledo OH also is advantageous for women who are dealing with physical symptoms that are not associated with a health disorder but a natural progression of the aging process.

Menopause: Heat-Related Symptoms

The onset of menopause typically begins in a woman’s late 40s or early 50s. One of the most common symptoms is hot flashes. Many women also deal with bothersome episodes known as night sweats. A malfunctioning central air unit leaves the woman standing in front of a fan or an open refrigerator door while trying to cool off.

She may still find hot flashes and night sweats to be uncomfortable, but there is some relief because the home’s temperature can be set relatively low. In addition, a very warm environment can easily precipitate one of these unpleasant occurrences, so keeping the thermostat at a cool temperature is best.

Women trying to manage these symptoms probably don’t want to delay Air Conditioning Repair in Toledo OH when the unit stops working. Even when the home’s temperatures are somewhat moderate during the summer, that cool air coming from the registers on demand is a welcome sensation.

Expert Advice

The reason hormonal changes during menopause result in sudden dramatic sensations of heat is still unclear to researchers. Hormone therapy medications are available that are effective in reducing symptoms, but many women shy away from taking those drugs because of potentially harmful side effects.

Doctors commonly recommend using air conditioning as one of the natural remedies for relieving hot flashes and night sweats. Some women experience these episodes for several years, so they definitely will want a working air conditioner during the hot summers common to this part of Ohio. Technicians from a company such as A1 Heating and Home Improvement arrive promptly and get the system functioning properly again. Visit A-1heating.com.

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