What Residential HVAC Contractors Can Do For Their Clients


The homeowner is wondering if investing more money in repairs to the present heating and cooling system is wise, or if buy a replacement unit is in order. Before making a decision, it pays to have one of the residential HVAC contractors in Bradenton FL around town take a look at the current unit. Here are some of the ways that the professional can help the client make the best decision.

Assessing the Condition of the Current System

Most Residential HVAC Contractors in Bradenton FL will begin by taking a good look at every part of the current heating and cooling system. That involves more than the unit currently placed outside the home. The wiring and various connections will also be evaluated. Even the condition of the duct system will come under scrutiny. This makes it easier to determine if the current unit would work fine for several more years with some work, or if repairs would only buy a short amount of time.

Is the Current Unit Powerful Enough?

Part of the evaluation involves determining if the current system is really powerful enough to efficiently heat and cool the square footage of the home. This is especially important if the owner has added a room since the original installation, or if spaces like the attic or basement were finished and duct work ran to those areas. The fact that there is more space to heat and cool now could mean investing in a new unit is the only way to go.

Is the Client Happy With the System Features?

Assuming that the cost of repairs and what they would do to extend the life of the system are within reason, finding out what the owner thinks about the system matters. For example, is the client happy with the features provided by the current unit? Are there some features that the owner would like to have included?

If the homeowner is fine with the current features and the repairs will add another five to ten years to the system, authorizing the work is a good investment. When the client is less than happy with the features, exploring the options for a replacement unit is in order.

Take a moment to contact us today and arrange for the present unit to be inspected. Doing so will make it easier to decide if repairs are in the best interests of the owner, or if replacing the system is the most practical move.

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