Pet Grooming in Alexandria VA Before Going To The First Appointment

Pet Grooming in Alexandria VA Before Going To The First Appointment

It can take three or more hours for your dog to be groomed at any groomer’s. This time can be greatly lengthened if your dog makes trouble for the groomer. Here are some tips on how to get your dog ready for Pet Grooming in Alexandria VA Before his or her appointment.

Get Your Dog Used to the Car

Unless your pet groomer is close enough to walk to, you will need to drive your dog to the groomer’s. Your dog needs to be familiar with car rides. If your dog gets carsick, do not feed right before the drive to the groomer’s. If your dog is hypoglycemic or needs to eat regularly for medical issues, talk to your vet about medication you can give your dog to help alleviate motion sickness.

Get Your Dog Used to Brushing

Ideally you should brush your dog’s coat every day. Many dogs enjoy the experience. If your dog has never been brushed or seems fearful of a brush, choose a training time when the dog is tired. Give the dog a chewy treat to distract the dog while you make a few passes with the brush. Do this gradually every night or whenever the dog is tired. You do not have to brush your dog completely every day in order for the dog to get used to the feel of the brush.

Get Your Dog Used to Having Ears Handled

Many dogs dislike anyone touching their ears. It’s best to start getting your dog used to having his or her ears touched when he or she is a puppy. Just touch the ears and reward the dog with a treat for calm behavior. Gradually you can manipulate the eats to get him or her used to the idea. If your dog has an ear infection, cancel the grooming appointment and go to the vet.

Get Up To Date on Flea and Tick Prevention Medication

Most groomers will not allow a dog back if he or she has parasites. Talk to your vet about flea and tick prevention medication in pill or topical solution forms.

In Conclusion

There are many things you can do to help your dog at Pet Grooming in Alexandria VA Before that first crucial appointment. If you still have questions, contact Sitename or their Facebook page for more information.

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