What Happens During Water and Fire Damage Restoration Services


Natural disasters can strike without notice and leave your home in shambles and uninhabitable. When this happens, your first concern should be taking the steps necessary to restore your home so you can have your family returned to normalcy as soon as possible. Luckily, there are emergency clean up companies that can help restore your home and make it seem as if the disaster never occurred. If you have never dealt with a damage restoration company in the past, you may not be aware of what to expect when they show up to complete work. The following is an overview of what the process will consist of.

Damage Assessment and Severity Report

One of of the first things a company will conduct after fire and water damage in Wichita is an assessment of your property to determine what work will need to be completed to make your home inhabitable again. They will provide you with a copy of the results so you know how severe the damage is and what work will need to be completed in order to to make your home safe.

Clean-up and Restoration

After you have received a report, they will begin the work of repairing the damage. Depending on the type of damage, they may have to remove walls and replace beams and other structural supports. They will then have to rebuild the areas that were demolished, which can be the longest part of the process. When they finish, your home should look as it did before the disaster.

Final Safety Inspection

Once all of the work has been completed, they will conduct a final safety inspection to make sure that any mold from water damage in Wichita has been eradicated and that the air quality in the home will not be unsafe for you and your family. You may also need inspections from your local inspections department depending on the severity of the damage and the work needed to repair it.

Make sure you get the help you need after a natural disaster destroys your home by contacting ACT Emergency Clean Up. They will provide quality restoration services that will have your home back in tip-top shape as soon as possible. Contact them today for your free quote and take the first step in restoring your home after a disaster.

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