Factors That May Indicate that Your Home Needs Water Damage Repairs in Wichita

by | Sep 8, 2014 | Home Improvement

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One of the things that can cause your home to be uninhabitable is water damage. Not only can be create health problems from mold formation, but it can also cause the structural components of your home to be damaged. While there are things you can do for minimal water damage, when the damage is extreme, you may need professional water damage repairs in Wichita. If you aren’t sure if you have severe water damage, you can use the following indicators to help you determine if you need a certified professional to help you restore your home. Call a damage restoration company at the first sign of any of these issues.

Bulging Walls and Flooring

The floors and walls of your home are not built to withstand long term exposure to water. When moisture is left on these surfaces they will bulge and expand. Even after the areas have been dried, the deformities will still exist. This is a sign that your walls were exposed to a great deal of water, and dangerous mold could be lurking behind the surface.

Odd and Unpleasant Odors or Breathing Problems

Mold emits a very unpleasant odor that will smell musty. It can also cause your eyes to burn if it is heavy in the air. When you notice this, you should hire someone to conduct water damage repairs in Wichita. They will be able to remove the mold and make sure your home is safe for you and your family to occupy.

Stains Present Near Windows or Doors

If you didn’t have standing water in your home, but still feel mold may exist, make sure you inspect the areas around your windows and doors. If you notice that there are stains or bulging drywall and trim, there is a good chance that there is water where you can’t see it. A mold remediation team will need to remove all of the drywall so they can access the area and thoroughly dry it.

Living with water damage can lead to major health problems and thousands of dollars in repairs. If you need help determining if you have severe water damage that could threaten your health and well being, contact Advanced Catastrophe Technologies Inc. No matter the severity of the damage, they can restore your home and make sure it is safe.

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