What Electrician Service in Carmel Will Accomplish After a Lightning Strike to a House

What Electrician Service in Carmel Will Accomplish After a Lightning Strike to a House

Thunderstorms and tornadoes are relatively common throughout the Midwest, including in Indiana. If a house is struck by lightning but otherwise unharmed, scheduling prompt electrician service in Carmel is important for various reasons. The municipal electric utility or a rural cooperative handles power outages when their equipment is damaged, but electrical equipment owned by the property owner is that person’s responsibility.

Signs of Trouble

Homeowners are likely to notice distinct signs of electrical trouble after a lightning strike. Some of the light switches and outlets may not work. Some of their electronic devices may have been irreparably damaged by a power surge, which can happen even if the devices were plugged into a surge protector. Surge protectors are very useful at managing normal fluctuations in the power supply, but they tend to be inadequate for dealing with lightning.

The Importance of Thorough Inspection

It’s impossible to know how far into the wiring the powerful electricity from the lightning went without thorough inspection by an electrician service in Carmel. Spot checking is not enough to ensure that all damage is discovered and resolved in a safe and effective manner.

Tasks to Be Completed

An electrician will check the circuit breaker panel or fuse box and test each circuit in the house and any outbuildings. Testing all outlets, switches and wired-in fixtures also will be done. Cable or antenna lines to TV sets and telephone cables also can be checked. The electrician may find scorch marks in some places and show those to the property owner. Wires, outlets and plug prongs may have been singed.

Every electrical device in the house should be checked for potential damage. The electrician can repair and replace damaged wiring and other electrical components, but the home’s residents obviously must replace damaged appliances and electronics themselves.


If lightning hit the house and there are no signs of malfunction in the electrical system, homeowners would still be wise to schedule inspection with a contractor such as Burtner Electric. Problems may not show symptoms until later, such as flickering lights, warm switches or devices that quit functioning. In the meantime, damaged wiring lurking behind the walls could be hazardous.

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