Find an Experienced Root Canal Dentist

Find an Experienced Root Canal Dentist

The procedure of a root canal is designed to save a damaged tooth rather than just pulling it out. Severe decay, an abscess, or a tooth broken below the top can be repaired. That is important because once extracted, a missing tooth will cause many problems. Other teeth will shift, particles will collect in the vacant space, and the gum-line will recede in that area.

Other Complications

The bite can be affected which makes speaking and chewing difficult. Flossing becomes harder in that spot, and thoroughly brushing surrounding teeth may not be possible with a regular tooth brush. The decay will extend to the gum and cause infection of the gum and possibly the jaw bone. That results in pain and bad breath.

Swallowing the present bacteria will compromise overall health. Colds, sore throats, and respiratory issues may follow. Prolonged exposure can raise the blood pressure, elevate sugar levels, and weaken the immune system.

The Process

A root canal dentist removes all decay present in the tooth. A compound fills in the empty space. A post is included at the top of the open area to support a crown. The crown is placed onto the post and the tooth is restored to allow full function.

Experience is Paramount

It is essential to seek a dentist with extensive experience performing root canals. An improperly executed root canal can make the entire situation worse. If all the decay is not removed, for example, it will continue to rot out the tooth through to the exterior. Gums around the area will become inflamed and infected as the decay erodes the enamel. At that point the pain is excruciating and the tooth has to be removed.

A mistake in cleaning and drilling the root of the tooth can result in compound entering the jawbone. That situation has serious consequences. A crown that is not fitted correctly will break, fall out, or crack. A replacement crown will need to be made which increases costs.

Schedule an initial consultation with a root canal dentist to explore all options and address any concerns before have the procedure done. A dentist office filled with experienced professionals, such as Lewis Family Dentistry, will have the capacity to properly conduct a root canal procedure. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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