What a Facelift Does for Patients in Austin


Cosmetic surgeons use a special type of procedure to lift up and firm sagging tissues of the face, which serves to produce a more youthful appearance. This procedure is referred to as a facelift. Austin patients can benefit from this procedure as they experience results that can be likened to turning the clock back. With the removal of the sagging skin, the smoothing of fold lines between the corner of the mouth and the nose, and the lifting and tightening of tissues in the face, many of the signs of aging in the neck and face can be reduced.

Factors that can create loss of the skin’s youthful contours include gravity, stress, heredity, loss of fat in the face, sun damage, thinning of the skin, and smoking.

Sometimes a facelift may be performed along with other cosmetic surgery procedures including eyelid surgery and brow lift. Facial skin treatments such as peels, dermabrasion, laser, or IPL may also be added to enhance the texture and quality of the skin. If too much fatty volume is lost, a cosmetic surgeon may suggest the use of transfers or fillers.

Facelifts Do Not Stop Aging

Facelifts alone do not halt the aging process, nor do they change your core appearance. These are surgical procedures, however, and can achieve greater results than other less invasive skin rejuvenation treatments. However, skin rejuvenation treatments by be preferable in many cases as a less invasive and effective option.

Choosing an Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon

A facelift is a complex procedure in which the surgeon must have comprehensive knowledge in the area of facial anatomy, as well as the ability to perform specific surgical tasks and techniques, and the talent for creating aesthetically detailed results. It is important to have a cosmetic surgeon with the proper training and experience in performing facelifts – not all physicians have this training.

Ask your prospective surgeon how many facelifts they have performed. As well, review any references as well as before-and-after photos provided by the surgeon during your consultation to help you evaluate their capabilities and aesthetic style.

Make sure the cosmetic surgeon you choose is board-certified and that your procedure would be done in an accredited surgical facility.

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