Ways to Reduce Error in Connecting Rod Balancing


There are many different options in connecting rod weighing and balancing systems on the market today. The basics of all of these systems are to provide a fast, efficient and accurate way for specialized companies and manufacturers to precisely weigh and balance connecting rods.

In most applications, the system for connecting rod balancing is designed either for use on the production line or for use as a stand-alone testing device for quality control and inspection purposes. There are a limited number of these systems which can be used for both or interchanged on and off the system based on specific testing requirements.

What to Consider

As accuracy and efficiency are both essential with any connecting rod balancing system, it is critical to focus in on these elements. The greater the level of automation with the balancing system, the more the risk of human error is removed from the process.

Look for systems that offer the automation to the speed required to meet the production line capacity. The weighing and balancing process should not be an impediment to production.

Additionally, consider the accuracy features built into the connecting rod balancing and weighing system. The best system will weigh both ends of the rod simultaneously and compare the weights to the ideal that is set in the system. The display provides immediate verification of the balance of the connecting rod based on each end meeting the weight requirement.

Features such as an automatic re-zero between each rod weighed boost accuracy and also prevents errors in operators failing to zero the system. Weight transfer compensation is another critical factor to consider.

Finally, look for a connecting rod weighing and balancing system that can be customized with a cradle to meet the specific shape, size, and measurements of the rods to be weighed. This also increases accuracy, speed, and automation of the system.

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