We Buy Mineral Rights to Natural Gas and Oil Holdings

We Buy Mineral Rights to Natural Gas and Oil Holdings

Here at H&M Land and Mineral, we believe we create a win-win situation every time we buy mineral rights from customers. We are able to manage the holdings and royalties for others so they can use the money for purposes that are important to them.

We Provide a Valuable Service and Opportunity

Therefore, we feel, here at H&M Land and Mineral that we are doing a service rather than a disservice to those people who wish to sell their holdings. In fact, our company exclusively works to buy mineral rights and royalties, all in an attempt to provide the best value for people who are property owners of oil and natural gas holdings. While we conduct most of our business in Ohio (where most holdings are located), we are incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania.

We have been working in this business for close to four decades. Therefore, we have honed our skills so we have expertise in both oil and gas acquisitions. If you want us to buy mineral rights then, you won’t be disappointed by our quick response and efforts toward making the transaction both seamless and quick.

Contact our company and our team of experienced professionals will provide you with an appraisal of your rights, all which is based on production records as well as the surrounding activity.

We Know All the Ins and Outs of the Business

In order to ensure a quicker closing then, we employ landmen who are only involved in acquisition activities, and title abstractors who understand every facet of the title search. Everyone in our team has conducted searches for major oil and gas suppliers.

Not only that, our in-house legal representatives at H&M Land and Mineral take the results of a title search and render their own opinions in the follow-up process.

Using a three-tiered approach means that we here at H&M Land and Mineral will be able to serve all your needs with respect to an appraisal, title search and finalization, thereby making it possible for you to obtain your cash fast.

Fortunately, we at H&D Land and Mineral have a long history in this business, so we know exactly what we are doing and when it is propitious to buy mineral rights and royalties. Because of our background, we can offer you both fast and dependable service – service that you would expect from a leader in the field.

We want the property owners from whom we buy mineral right to carefully think about what it means to relinquish their rights and how they will use the proceeds. In many cases, former mineral rights holders use the cash proceeds for retirement or to fund their children’s education. We want to make each transaction positive.

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