Incorporating Crushed Stone in Hartford, CT Into the Landscaping


After deciding to make some changes to the landscaping around the house, there is the need to decide what elements will be included. The decision to use Crushed stone in Hartford, CT is wise since the stone can be used in a number of different ways. Here are a few of the approaches that will add some visual interest and practical use to the landscaping.

Decorative Touch to Flower Beds and Islands

While there is the option of using pebbles or pine straw as a means of adding a decorative touch to flower beds, why not consider the use of Crushed stone in Hartford CT? The stones used in the process will create a finer texture, and it is easy enough to include as few or as many colors as the homeowner desires. As a bonus, the crushed stone will protect the ground from drying out too much during warm weather, while allowing water to easily move through the top layer and into the soil around the plants.

Create a Pathway

Since the stone can be crushed to just about any size and texture the homeowner wants, it makes an ideal choice for the creation of a path or walkway. The stone can be set in place with concrete, and is versatile enough to use for any type of path desired. This means if the owner would like to create a winding path that leads to a small plaza in the back yard, that is possible.

Remember that this same basic approach can be used to create a patio area. The color of the stones and the general texture will make it much more interesting than going with a simple concrete slab.

A Functional and Beautiful Driveway

Another application for crushed stone is in the creation of a driveway. Adding the stone to concrete will help create a more pleasing appearance without giving up any of the stability or function. The driveway can still be sealed so that it will hold up well to the elements.

For more ideas on how to put crushed stone to good use in a landscaping design, contact the professionals at Dunning Sand. They can provide some practical suggestions and also deliver as much of the product as the client needs.

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