Top Reasons To Invest In Quality Coolant Recycling Systems

Top Reasons To Invest In Quality Coolant Recycling Systems

Finding new ways to add value to any type of production, manufacturing or processing company has a positive effect on the bottom line. However, often this type of innovative technology requires an investment, with the best quality technology offering the best possible returns on this investment.

In many types of manufacturing and processing plants, the use of coolant recycling systems is one such investment in technology. As with most equipment in industrial applications, there is a range of different prices, sizes, options and features on equipment, all which are essential to consider to choose the right system for the specific requirements.

What Is the System?

In any type of industrial application, the use of machine tools for machining and similar processes require the use of specialized coolant. Over time, metal chips, shavings, and finer pieces build up in the machine tool sump that holds the coolant.

A sump sucker or a sump cleanout system is used to pull both the coolant and all the debris out of the machine tool sump. These systems may offer filtration built in, or a separate fluid recycling unit or station may also be required to remove the fine debris from the liquid.

The Benefits

When this extra step is used in coolant recycling systems, the coolant has an extended life. Over time, however, the coolant itself will break down, but with the recycling station on-site, the company can save costs in having it processed rather than simply replacing coolant before it is necessary.

Without the use of coolant recycling systems, the coolant becomes less effective at removing heat and may contain fine particles of metal fragments that can damage the machine tool itself. Even small amounts of tramp oil in the coolant can cause damage.

Investing in a sump cleaner with a filter as well as a separate coolant recycling station is an ideal way to add cost savings to the process and also optimize the life cycle of both coolant and machine tools.

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