Understanding What Is Available Through Social Security Disability


In Oklahoma, claimants need clarification when filing for disability. These claims require detailed information about their condition. They also need medical files to provide thorough support for their claim. These files must come from the doctor who is treating this condition. An attorney helps claimants when they are denied Social Security disability benefits.

What Is a Qualifying Condition?

A qualifying condition is either physical or mental. It must present a debilitating circumstance that prevents the claimant from working in any industry based on this condition. They won’t acquire benefits based on an inability to work in their preferred industry.

What Supplemental Security Income Value Is Available to You?

Disabled individuals who are awarded benefits receive a value based on their living situation. Unmarried individuals who don’t live independently receive $698 each month. Couples who don’t live independently receive $1,048.

Claimants who live independently acquire additional funds. Independent individuals receive a total of $740 each month. Independent couples receive $1,132 monthly.

The Social Security Administration retains the right to make adjustments for these payments. Any increase in income for a beneficiary’s spouse may reduce their monthly payments. If the claimant is a minor, an income increase for their parent presents a reason for an adjustment.

Why Do Claims Need an Attorney?

Claimants need an attorney after they are denied social security benefits as they increase the odds of being approved. According to statistics, claimants have a fifty-eight percent chance of achieving an approval during a hearing. Oklahoma statistics also indicate that only twenty-eight percent of claims are approved initially. This indicates that more claimants will need legal representation to acquire benefits.

An attorney gathers additional evidence to support the claim during the hearing. This evidence must show conclusive proof that the claimant’s condition creates a debilitating circumstance that prevents them from working.

In Oklahoma, claimants acquire clarification about claims through an attorney. With an attorney, they determine what caused a denial and what changes are needed to acquire an approval. Claimants who need to hire an attorney to acquire Social Security disability should visit Sslcnow.com for further information now.

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