How to Tackle the Problems of Scratches and Dents in Your Car?

How to Tackle the Problems of Scratches and Dents in Your Car?

Scratches and dents in your car can be unsightly things. Not only are they just aesthetically unpleasing, they can also bring back bad memories of a minor accident or attempted car theft.

When you’re dealing with these pesky little imperfections, you have plenty of options. From going DIY to opting for paintless dent repair in Denver, it’s really up to you how to tackle this problem.

The Spray Paint Method

For minor scratches, you might want to try the spray paint method. This especially works for minor scratches where paintless dent repair in Denver is not necessarily. The process is simple: just mask out the areas that you don’t want to be affected. After that, sand the scratched area until it is all smooth. Clean the area, making sure that it is free of debris and grease. You may then apply putty over the area and wait for it to harden. You may then spray on primer and then a few coats of paint, sanding as needed.

The Plunger Method

For dents, you might want to get yourself a car dent plunger from an automobile store to just pull out the dent. This works through the use of simply vacuum pressure. In some cases, the results are acceptable. All you need to do to make the damage less visible afterwards is to perhaps hammer the surrounding metal in place. However, depending on the extent of the damage, this can make it worse. If you think this is the case, you might just want to take your car for a paintless dent repair in Denver.

Professional Help

For problems that you just can’t fix or where the possible fix could cause more damage than good, call on your local reputable auto repair shop. Look for one that offers paintless dent repair in Denver, as this procedure can make your car look as good as new with minimal handling. In most cases, this procedure is cost-effective, convenient and will save you a lot of trouble trying to figure out just how to fix those dents and scratches!

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