Understanding the Benefits Associated with Craniosacral Massage in Lexington KY


For people who live with throbbing headaches or experience constant pain in the back, there are several ways to treat the condition.  One approach that is worth considering is Craniosacral Massage in Lexington KY.  Here is some information about this type of massage and the benefits that can result from undergoing several sessions.

Understanding the Basics

Craniosacral Massage in Lexington KY is a form of massage therapy that focuses on the head, the spinal column, and the pelvis.  The underlying premise of the therapy is that any types of blockages in spinal fluid will result in pains above and below the spinal column.  This means that the blockage could cause constrictions of the blood vessels in the neck and head, resulting in those severe headaches.
The methods used during the therapy are designed to clear the blockage and restore a health flow of the fluid.  As the body returns to a more harmonious state, all the aches, pains, and emotional issues begin to subside.

The Benefits of the Therapy

The massage will often include attention to the forehead, the back of the head, and the neck.  The spinal column and the pelvis will also be gently manipulated.  Depending on the level of tension that the patient is carrying, the therapist will likely massage soft tissues as a way to stimulate proper circulation.

As the session continues, a patient with a headache will notice that the pain is not quite as severe.  In like manner, pain in the lower back will also begin to subside.  If the patient has been feeling nervous, irritable, or otherwise not in balance, the emotions will begin to even out.  By the time the session is finished, the patient will notice a real difference in the way he or she feels.

For people who would prefer to not rely on pain medication alone, it is important to remember that this type of massage therapy can be used with other non-invasive treatments like chiropractic care.  Working with a physician to identify the right combination of treatments will mean the end of pain and the chance to begin enjoying life once more.

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