U Bolts – There’s More Choices than You May Think

U Bolts – There’s More Choices than You May Think

Many products today call for bent bolts and the “U” shaped bolt is very common. However, in some cases, you may need to decide between round U bolts and square and perhaps other types. Let’s check out the many options you have, to help simplify your decision making process.

Determining the Purpose

Before you can choose the right bolt type, it’s important to understand the purpose behind it. The U bolt can serve a number of different purposes, such as:

  • Primary support for auto leaf springs – the bolt supplies the main support to hold parts together. For something like a leaf spring assembly, a great deal of force is needed. Bolt tension not only keeps the spring assembly together it allows the leaves to flex and bend. Round U bolts take pressure off the center bolt, so it does not break off.
  • Pipe hangers – many pipe fitters use this kind of bolt for hangers. In fact, some manufacturers make special hanger bolts for specific applications.
  • Beam or pole mounts – in many industrial applications, there is a need to mount things to poles. Round U bolts make the perfect mount because they provide even force on both sides of the pole.
  • Cable mounts – can be used to mount cables to walls.
  • Concrete fasteners – The U bolt can be perfect concrete fastener and may work better than standard lag bolts because you have two mounts in one.


There are three basic shapes to consider. You can choose round U bolts, semi- round or square. The right selection depends on the application. For example, square bolts are a good choice when you have limited clearance, but for pole applications, they would be unsuitable. Your U bolt manufacturer will help you make the best choice and can provide custom bolts too.

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