Tips To Prepare For Moving To Chicago


If you are planning on moving to Chicago, there are some tips and strategies that can be used to help the move go smoothly and without any difficulties or problems. The first recommendation is always to use a moving company familiar with the city, as this can often make things much easier with regards to the logistics of the move.

Before the day you are moving, there are several things you can do in advance. You can start looking for homes, apartments or condos as early as possible, giving yourself lots of time to have the chance to narrow your search, visit the city, and make and offer on the property you want.

Finding a Mover

If you currently live in Illinois, you have the option of using local moving companies or national movers; both will have the ability complete your moving requirements. Keep in mind that a local company or a national company should be insured, licensed and should be a reputable company with positive feedback and references from past customers.

Also, make sure you get at least three quotes that are binding or not-to-exceed quotes. Be very cautious of any company offering a non-binding estimate as this means that the price can increase dramatically once the truck is loaded and weighed.

Don’t go by price alone when hiring a moving company. Instead, consider the services offered, the ability the mover to work within your schedule, and the company’s reputation with past clients.

Be Prepared

In the days and weeks leading up to the move, start by packing and getting ready early. This will give you time to get everything done without rushing around at the last minute.

Talk to your moving company and ask for any resources they may have to help you to get and stay organized for the move. Most companies provide a wealth of information on their websites and in printed information, including handy checklists, packing tips and even information on how to ensure all items arrive safely to your new home.

Look through the information provided by the movers before moving to Chicago. These handy packages contain all the basics you need to know to get around the city, and provide reference websites, phone numbers, and other information to make your first few days in the city welcoming and much less overwhelming.

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