Tips For Selecting The Right Bench Scale


For both smaller individual weights and for use in production types of applications, bench scale models can be very effective. As the name suggests, they are designed to have a very small footprint in a lab or industrial setting and they can also be used in retail and commercial applications as well.

There are different options in these scales. Most are designed to be a fully contained system that is easy to utilize in virtually any bench, countertop or workstation area. The system is one unit that contains both the weighing platform as well as the indicator. In most modern applications, there will also be a digital readout or a weight indicator that is a part of the unit.

Other systems, particularly in industrial applications, may have the weight indicator located apart from the scale. With fully automated systems the data and the controls may actually be all transmitted and used remotely through the control system for the plant or the production line.

Size and Capacity

Different sizes and capacities in the various bench scale options allow you to select the one that is right for your needs. A common mistake that is made when selecting these scales is to choose a scale based on the average weight across the scale.

A better option, and one that maximizes scale life, is to choose on the maximum weight. This will ensure there is no damage to the scale even with the slightly heavier than average loads.


There are various environments that need to be considered when choosing a bench scale. For example, in humid or wet environments or when washdown will be a factor, choosing a scale that offers a sealed system is the best option. The same can also be true in applications where there is a lot of dust or debris around the scale.

Finally, in food, beverage and pharmaceutical types of production the components and materials that make up the scale also have to meet all industry standards and safety requirements for use.

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