Tips for Getting Through the Naturalization Process Nashville TN

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Lawyers

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If you are a foreign citizen or national, you can become a United States citizen through naturalization. However, you must qualify to apply for citizenship, complete an application and pass the eligibility test in order to be naturalized. Below are some of the benefits to be derived from obtaining an American citizenship. Browse website for more details.


1. Getting immunity from being deported.
2. Ability to petition for the green cards of close relatives.
3. Ability to apply for governmental jobs that are restricted to US citizens.
4. Ability to vote in federal, state and local elections.
5. Having capacity to access public benefits such as Social Security payments.


However, getting through the naturalization process is not easy. Improper handling of the process may lead to a removal of the proceedings and subsequent deportation. Below are tips to help you through the naturalization process Nashville TN.


Arrive early for the interview


It is imperative that you arrive at the specified office in good time, preferably 30 minutes before the scheduled time for your interview. This will ensure that you are well composed while answering the questions presented to you, enabling you to give good responses that will help you pass the eligibility test.


Double check the application


Ensure that you double check the N-400 application form for petty mistakes or omissions that may well cost you a lot of money or even lead to total failure of the application. Also ensure that the form is filled out truthfully. Further, attach all the documents that are pertinent to the N-400 application, such as the legal residency card and identical color photographs.


Get a lawyer


While it is not a requirement to get legal representation while applying for naturalization, handling the process on your own could lead to mistakes that may spiral into a disaster. Improper handling of the application can cause unnecessary delays or even denial. However, a seasoned attorney will assist you with the application by offering expert advice, helping you to gather the required documents as well as preparing you for the interview, which will almost always guarantee you a favorable outcome.


If you are looking for a reliable deportation lawyer to help you through the naturalization process Nashville TN, look no further. Contact Dawn A. Garcia Attorney At Law Nashville TN for quality services that will improve the chances of winning your case. They also represent clients in filing for bankruptcy.


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