Were You in an Accident with a Dog? Contact a Dog Bite Attorney


While walking down the street as you normally would, a dog belonging to your neighbor might have gotten loose and attacked you. Dog bites can turn into serious injuries. After the dog bit you, you probably had to go to the hospital to get checked out. And, if the bite was big enough and deep enough through the skin, stitches may have been your only option. When an accident like this occurs, someone has to get punished. After all, it wasn’t your fault that you were minding your own business and ended up with a dog bite. If you’re not sure what you can do now that you’ve experienced this problem, you’ll definitely want to hire a dog bite attorney.

What Will the Attorney Do?

The dog bite attorney spends a lot of time working on the case that you have against your neighbor. The attorney will check the rules on dog attacks in your area and will set a goal to hold your neighbor responsible for their dog. Even though they didn’t personally attack you, their dog did, and the dog is their responsibility. A dog owner needs to keep their dog on a leash when taking him or her out for walks to prevent dangerous situations from occurring. However, that might not have been the case in your situation, which is why you ended up with a dog bite.

What Will Happen If I Take Legal Action for the Dog Bite?

If you do take legal action, a lawsuit may need to be filed. The lawsuit will explain the situation and describe the events that occurred. Your attorney backs you up and defends you. The attorney for the person who owns the dog may try to say that you provoked the attack or they could try to create some other nonsense that doesn’t portray the events of that day correctly. The good thing is that your attorney will know how to handle your case, even when obstacles are thrown in the way.

Don’t allow the owner of the dog to get away with not taking proper precaution. If you were in an accident with a dog and have suffered a bite because of it, Dulaney Lauer and Thomas LLP will work on getting you justice.

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