Tips For Caring For Your Diamond Jewelry

Tips For Caring For Your Diamond Jewelry

Although diamonds are considered to be one of the hardest natural stones on the planet, they can be vulnerable to damage, especially when in a jewelry setting. Because diamonds are so expensive, most people want to learn all they can about caring for their Diamond Jewelry and preventing it from becoming damaged. It is important people know how to care for their jewelry so they can protect their investment.

These tips will help to ensure one can protect their jewelry from damage:

* It is important to remove all Diamond Jewelry before carrying out any heavy-duty work or cleaning. Chemical cleaners and tools can cause damage to a diamond and reduce its value. Removing the jewelry prior to gardening, cleaning, and carrying out heavy lifting or work with tools will ensure no damage occurs.

* Wearing jewelry while putting on makeup or styling the hair can cause damage to the stone. Makeup, hair products, perfumes, and lotions can be corrosive to the diamond and can also cause staining.

* Many people make the mistake of leaving their jewelry one while they are showering or bathing, mistakenly believing this will clean their jewelry pieces. In reality, taking a shower or bath while wearing jewelry can lead to soap films which can dull the shine and change the color of the diamond.

* Chlorine can cause damage to a diamond and the metal setting. It is best all jewelry is removed before swimming in a pool to make sure no damage occurs to the piece.

* Cleanings should be carried out at least twice a year, to remove oils from the skin, contaminants from the environment, and dirt and debris. Cleanings should only be done by a professional so the piece is not damaged in the process.

* Ideally, all diamond pieces should be inspected by a jeweler each year to ensure the prongs holding the stones have not become compromised. With this service, owners can rest assured they will not lose a diamond due to a loose prong or setting.

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