Tips for Buying a Commercial Carrier AC Compressor?

Tips for Buying a Commercial Carrier AC Compressor?

Is it time to replace your Carrier AC compressor? You have several options on what to do and a lot of choices when it comes to suppliers. Here is a look at the options you have and what your best choice may be.

New, Used or Remanufactured?

You could purchase a brand new Carrier AC compressor. You also have the option of buying something used. In addition, you can purchase a remanufactured unit or even have your current compressor rebuilt. Let’s examine these options a little closer.


When you buy a new Carrier AC compressor you can be assured it will give you great service and you will receive a manufacturer’s warranty with your purchase. In a perfect world, this would be the only option you would think of considering. However, many companies these days have operating budgets to monitor and in a competitive market, you simply may not be able to afford “new” when you need replacement parts for you air conditioning or refrigeration units.


This is the cheapest option because used compressors are not very expensive, compared to their new counterparts. However, there are several risk factors you need to consider before buying a used Carrier AC compressor:

You have no idea how many hours are on the compressor – you could be getting a great deal if the unit has very little wear. However, if it has seen its better day, it may not last long.

Most used compressors do not come with a guarantee. Some suppliers may give you 30 days, but this is not much of a guarantee.

If you take your chances with a used compressor, you might be dealing with a broken down AC system in the near future, and need to go through the repair process all over again. This could actually end up costing you more than buying a new one.


Your Carrier AC compressor is a well-made unit and it can be rebuilt. In fact, if you choose the right remanufacturer, you will get an excellent guarantee on the rebuild. It’s important to use a remanufacturer with a great deal of experience in the industry and one who completely replaces important parts and disassembles the unit all the way down to the casting. All seals, bearings and valves are replaced with new parts. All parts are tested and measured to ensure they meet industry standards, and the compressor is then leak tested to make sure it will work properly. Plus, the best remanufacturing processes use green alternatives. Whether you have the old one rebuilt or purchase a quality remanufactured Carrier AC compressor, you can have something as good as new for half the price, in some cases.

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