Staying Safe and Calm Right After Calling for Water Damage Mitigation in Oceanside CA


Massive water damage has occurred in the home. A phone call one should be an emergency number if applicable. There may be electrical currents running through the water. The second should be to for Water Damage Mitigation in Oceanside CA. The third is the insurance responsible for homeowner’s or renter. A landlord may potentially be called as well.

After these three essential calls are made, it is up to the homeowner to take certain action (and avoid others) to manage their property. There are some common mistakes that are made that will make a mess of things. At the best, it hastens the potential for damage. At worse, it can be catastrophic. While thinking over everything, be sure to remove wet items and pull the electrical breaker on the entire home.

Keep Wet and Loose Items in the House

All wet loose items should be removed from the home. Some common culprits are newspapers, books, and floor mats. They will only slow down the drying process and become a nuisance. All loose fabrics should be hung up outside. Many of these items can potentially be salvaged. It also helps to remove water that has accumulated on these items to be removed from the house. Every little bit counts.

Turn Off the Electrical Breaker

Turn off the breaker before even beginning to clean up. All electrical items should be completely left alone. Water by the outlet is a recipe for disaster. It is an extremely dangerous situation, and it is why an emergency number is often reached to review the area. Call at 760-532-3266 to receive immediate water mitigation. It is essential for the early stages of water removal, but it also greatly reduces the chance for mold growth. The team can turn off the breaker if the homeowners do not know how. for safety reasons, everyone should leave the home before they arrive.

The success of the Water Damage Mitigation in Oceanside CA process relies largely on how fast one can act. Every minute matters and a serious delay could potentially cost thousands in damage. After the insurance is called, the second number should be to the mitigation company of choice.

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