Tips For Becoming An Effective VPS Reseller

Tips For Becoming An Effective VPS Reseller

Many of the top virtual private server hosting services offer the option for individuals to partner with the company as a VPS reseller. For individuals working in the area of IT, website design and development, business consultation or eCommerce development, becoming a VPS reseller can offer another revenue stream that can be very lucrative.

Being a successful reseller will require the individual to work actively at bringing in clients. The good news is that partnering with a quality hosting company will mean lightning fast speeds, top technical support and a very easy way to continue to make money without a lot of time or effort.

For most resellers, it is the aspect of bringing in the customers that is the most labor intensive. However, by following a few simple steps, the service will sell itself, allowing the option to sell the customer the package that is ideal for the needs of the business.

Have a Plan

Having the best plans to offer the customers is critical for any VPS reseller. Make sure that the plans you offer are competitive in price as well as features with the other plans in the same market.

In addition, develop a quality website to promote your services. Clearly outline what is available for the plan, the customization options, and the cost of the plan per month or billing cycle.

Use the System

As most resellers will be in the IT or business field, make it a point to have your website and your devices on your own system. This provides a real-life demo for your customers and allows you to highlight the benefits of your hosting plans over those of the competition.

Consider a White Label Product

For a truly brandable option, consider a White Label VPS package. This allows your business to use the branding and marketing in your name, while the VPS hosting company provides all the background work and management of the system.

Take the time to consider different reseller programs before making a choice. Don’t forget to also review the company; this will be a critical aspect of future sales potential.

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